The following is our view on what is going to take place during the Tribulation period. It is based upon many years of thorough studying of the book of Revelation, as well as other books of the Bible related to that period. We are not claiming that our view is completely flawless. However, we made our best and sincere efforts to objectively uncover the meaning of the events described in the book of Revelation.  We are strongly encouraging to read the "Arguments" and "Commentary" sections for the explanations as to why we arrived to such conclusions. We will also be glad to answer any of your questions and hear other opinions as well.





The tribulation events start with the Archangel Michael and his Angles battling Satan and his demons in heavens. Satan looses the battle and is thrown down to earth, where he becomes extremely enraged. With Satan and his demons thrown down to earth, a series of events are unfolded.


A political ruler from a Northern country, while serving his second non-consecutive term, is mortally wounded, probably by an assassination. The wound is so severe, that no one is expecting him to survive. He, is very likely, resort to occult practice to get help from Satan so that he might survive and live. Miraculously he makes full recovery, but Satan also gives this man great power and abilities, not given to any human before. His survival and fast recovery will marvel many and will look like a miracle. This man will appeal to many and many will be deceived by him.


At the same time, some two Christian men start witnessing and become very vocal in Jerusalem. They are likely to warn Christians of what is happening and what is about to happen and also tell them to escape to a certain uninhabitable place withing few weeks before it's too late. Some serious obstacles are put in place to prevent Christians to get to that uninhabitable area. However, all willing and believing Christians are able to get to that area safely, although by a hair's breadth.


Around this time, bloody conflicts, a serious global famine and accompanying epidemic outbreaks take place, impacting the lives of many (and perhaps paving the way for implementation of drastic global measures, which in peaceful and quieter times would not find support among most people. It is important to note, that these unfortunate events are brought out by demonic powers, and not by God.) A coalition of 10 nations and their ten rulers emerges. A certain very wealthy, multicultural country with negative cultural impact upon other nations, is destroyed or incapacitated by the coalition of 10 rulers. The coalition, along with the miraculously healed ruler (aka "the Beast") will, for a short period, become global power. However, once the wealthy country is destroyed, they will yield their power to the miraculously healed ruler. This man now becomes the World Leader.


The new world leader with a help of a religious leader starts implementing the program of placing special marks on people. Initially this program is carried out voluntarily, with the religious leader using propaganda and even real supernatural miracles to convince people to worship the World Leader and to place one of the marks on their bodies (right hand or forehead). Over period of time, this "program" becomes mandatory. It becomes impossible to buy or sell anything without having the mark. People are also enticed and, others forced, to worship the image of the World Leader. Those who disobey are punished by death. Around this time the persecution of true believers is in a full swing. Large number of true believers, who did not escape earlier to the uninhabitable place, are executed.


By the time most or all of the believers are killed, cataclysmic events begin to unravel. This time, the events are – God's judgments against the inhabitants of the earth. Unusual and serious natural disasters, one after another, and intensifying in destructive power, hitting parts of the globe. Great number of people are killed and endure suffering from these disasters. One particular disaster wipes out a third of world's population. Many of this very unusual natural and supernatural disasters are affecting only those who have the mark of the Beast. However, instead of repenting, people are cursing and showing contempt towards God. Moreover, towards the end of his 42-month rule, the World Leader, with help of demonic powers, will persuade other rulers to gather up and campaign against Jerusalem. About the same time, two witnesses are killed in Jerusalem, but are miraculously resurrected after 3 days and ascend to heaven. Armies from all nations gather up in a large valley of Megiddo, north of Jerusalem. The World Leader and the religious leader are also present there with the joint army force.


The sequence of the following events is difficult to predict based on their descriptions in Revelation, Zachariah and other books of the Bible. The actual events may not happen in that order.


All of the sudden, the rapture happens - all dead saints are resurrected first, then the bodies of remaining living saints are changed, all are taken up to midair to meet the coming Christ.


After all saints are raptured, Christ and his angelic armies start descending to earth, terrifying all remaining inhabitants of the earth. (Christ descent is visible to everyone in the globe). Christ sets His feet on the Mount of Olives first, which is then split in two. Probably at this very time, a great global earthquake occurs. The earthquake is so massive and destructive, that all cities outside Palestine are completely leveled, islands get displaced and all mountains disappear.  At this very time, the World's Leader and his religious helper are captured alive and thrown into a  lake of fire. All others in the valley of Megiddo are killed by Christ, his angelic army or by other means.


The New era begins, where Christ (and the resurrected saints) will rule the world for one thousand years, bringing truth, justice and and peace to this world.